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Are you wondering the story behind Active Piranha? Here is all you need to know (and why you should join in).

Active Piranha was conceived as a collaboration between two colleagues, who have an interest in staying fit and healthy. We wanted to encourage others to challenge themselves, have fun & “Take a bite out of life”.

Everyone wants to be healthy, right? Some people are more dedicated to this cause than others, and that’s OK. We came up with the idea of Active Piranha as as way to make it easier (and more fun) for people to stay fit. Although some people ‘hate running’ , it is a lesser known secret that people you might call ‘runners’ also hate running at times too. 

 We have often heard the sayings ‘I can’t run’, or ‘it’s easier for you because you are fit’ etc. It is really simple, you can’t run if you don’t run, and you can if you try. That’s great news really, because it puts the possibility of fitness through running in nearly everyone’s hands. Active Piranha is here as a place and fun brand to associate with, no matter how fit, fast, big or small you may be. This ethos is forged in the Active Piranha motto – “Take A Bite Out Of Life”. Life is short, so make the most of it. Challenging yourself leads to physical and mental well being.

If you can walk, you can run. It’s true that good form helps, but the main thing to get anyone on the road to all over body fitness (inside and out), is to just get out there and not make excuses. Excuses don’t burn calories, or help you stay fit and healthy.

We brought in the VR races with rewards as a way of bringing total flexibility and incentives to fitness.

You are self conscious and want to get fit/train alone? No problem. You like the sense of community of being associated with something like Active Piranha? Brilliant. You want to race or just have fun, and see how you stack up against the other members? Perfect, join in! You may even want to run a race with friends, but on your own terms in your local area. Active Piranha and our Virtual Races are for you.

It is free to just be a member and join the fun Active Piranha community. This is always a good idea, as we have offers and competitions from time to time.

If you want a challenge, to earn a medal, and to help a great charity, then maybe the Active Piranha Virtual 5k is for you.

The team at Active Piranha welcome any suggestions from our members, and encourage you to invite friends to the community.

Take a bite out of life – Be an Active Piranha!

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